Cleaning daguerreotypes

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Barger, M. Susan; Giri, A.P.; White, William B.; Edmondson, Thomas M.;


Studies in conservation, Volume 31, Number 1, p.15-28 (1986)


cleaning, daguerreotypes


The cleaning of daguerreotypes put particular demands on a silver cleaner, namely that it is necessary to remove tarnish and debris while preserving microstructural features of the order of 0.1-1.0 ?m in size and maintaining the surface quality of the daguerreotype plate itself. The traditional silver dip cleaners are discussed in light of these requirements. Reactive sputtering was further investigated as a practical means of cleaning daguerreotypes. Its function and suggested use are discussed. A new method for cleaning daguerreotypes, electrocleaning, is presented, with the details of its development and field testing. Recommendations for the care and cleaning of daguerreotypes are given. (Note: Tables 1, 3, 4, and 5 and Figure 7 have errors. An errata has been prepared and will also be published in Studies in Conservation.)