The evaluation of selected poly(vinyl acetate) and acrylic adhesives: A final research update

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Journal Article


Down, Jane L.;


Studies in Conservation, Volume 60, Number 1, p.33-54 (2015)


The final report on the Canadian Conservation Institute's poly(vinyl acetate) and acrylic adhesive research is given after 25–27 years of dark aging and 12–15 years of light aging. A total of 27 poly(vinyl acetate) and 25 acrylic adhesives were tested for pH, volatile emissions (mostly acetic acid), flexibility, strength, and yellowing after aging. In 1996, the work was first published after three to five years of aging data had accumulated. Measurements for pH, yellowing, strength, and flexibility were recently repeated again and these results are reported here. These new data points are reported to provide insight into the effect of these longer aging periods on the products included in the study. As well, the most stable (according to set criteria) poly(vinyl acetate) and acrylic adhesives tested are revealed, which, except for a few products, do not differ greatly from those reported in 1996.