IIC Annual General Meeting 2015

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Notice is hereby given that the sixty-fifth Annual General Meeting of the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works will be held at the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, 1, Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5DB on Tuesday 20th January 2015 at 6.00 pm for the following purposes:

1. To receive and consider the Reports of the Council and the Auditors and the Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2014 (downloadable at the announcement on IIC web-site front page).

2. To re-appoint Jacob, Cavenagh & Skeet as Auditors to The Institute and to authorise the Council to fix their remuneration for the ensuing year.

3. To consider and if thought fit to pass a Special Resolution THAT the Articles of Association produced to the meeting and signed by the Chairman for the purposes of identification be approved and adopted as the new Articles of Association of the Company in substitution for, and to the exclusion of, the existing Articles of
Association (the Articles of Association in their current form and with the proposed changes are downloadable at the announcement on IIC web-site front page).

4. To elect a Vice-President

5. To elect a Director of Publications

6. To elect a Director of Communications

7. To elect three Ordinary Members of the Council

8. To transact any ordinary business of The Institute

By Order of the Council
Jo Kirby Atkinson

Explanatory Note to Special Resolution 3:
A copy of the amended articles, marked to show changes against the previous version, is available to view here on the IIC web-site with the announcement of this Annual General Meeting (see foot of this page). In summary, the changes provide:
1. For the co-option as well as election of members to Council.
2. To formalise and enhance the electronic communication options members have with IIC.
Other amendments are consequential or clarificatory.

Voting at the AGM

Honorary Fellows, Fellows and Individual Members in good standing are able to vote at the AGM either in person at the meeting or by using the form posted to all eligible members; these may also be downloaded downloadable at the announcement on IIC web-site front page. If you are planning to attend the 2015 AGM it would be helpful if you could notify the IIC office in advance by e-mail to iic@iiconservation.org. If you intend to vote in person at the AGM you should not, of course, make use of the postal or proxy voting form.
For postal voting and proxy votes the form can be returned by post to IIC, 3, Birdcage Walk, London SW1H, 9JJ, UK, by fax to +44 20 7799 4961 (020 7799 4961 within the UK) or may be scanned by the voter and sent by email to iic@iiconservation.org. Please remember that votes and proxy votes must reach IIC 48 hours before the meeting, that is, by 5.00 pm on Friday 16th January 2015 at the latest; votes and proxies received after then will not be counted.

Please use your vote!

Candidates for Election

There are no notified candidates for the posts of Vice-President and Director of Communications.

Joyce Townsend is standing for re-election to her post of Director of Publications.

A total of three places as Ordinary members of Council are available for ballot. Richard Kerschner is retiring from Council at this meeting. There are four candidates for the three places: Amber Kerr is standing for re-election and the following are standing for election as Ordinary members of Council for the first time: Stephen Koob, Tom Learner and Graeme Scott.

Their manifestos are printed below:

Joyce Townsend
I have already had considerable experience with the running of IIC, both as Director of Publications and as an officer on the IIC Council since 2009. Additionally, I was budget planner for the IIC London 2008 conference. I have planned and managed the move towards full digital access for IIC publications from 2012, by bringing all of IIC’s scholarly publications under the umbrella of Studies in Conservation and its online supplements. I have recruited a large number of editors and other volunteers to work on IIC publications, and have introduced a wider range of topics and new means of publishing within IIC, as well as cost savings, a more sustainable publications strategy based round IIC’s financial planning for the next 5 years, proper attention to copyright and archiving, distribution of older printed material to institutions which could benefit directly from its use as a local resource, and a clearer distinction between IIC news and citable publications worthy of long-term preservation and obtainable by online searching. This has led to the creation of the new voluntary position of Director of Communications to oversee access to IIC news across all social media, leaving the Director of Publications role covering all aspects of the scholarly and citable publications which can be found in what used to be known as ‘an IIC journal of record’.

I believe strongly that scholarly publications and texts provide key information for conservation professionals, and are very important for professional development and for the preservation of cultural heritage. Therefore the means of delivering them to members and to the wider sector should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis, and addressed both to new and long-established members of the profession.

In the next three years I hope to set up a preprints publication model suitable for the next two IIC congresses, based round the changes introduced for the preprints of the 2014 Congress in Hong Kong (which was a dual-language publication, for the first time) and to see Studies in Conservation broaden its content through the publication of online supplements covering non-IIC congresses and events, increase its impact and further reduce the time between paper submission and publication.

Amber Kerr
In seeking re-election to the IIC Council, I hope to continue working with a collaborative team of individuals committed to this organisation and its members. The past three years on Council have been a rewarding experience for me, and one of professional growth. I participated in the IIC Web Team, continuing our efforts in the social media arenas of Facebook and Twitter, and collaborated with colleagues to expand our outreach through IIC's burgeoning LinkedIn group and other, similar projects. We have watched our followers in these arenas nearly quadruple in number, exceeding over 20,000 in Facebook fans alone and our motivated team continues to explore new ways of reaching out to and engaging with our members and public audiences.

As chair of the Student Poster Selection Committee for 2012 Vienna and 2014 Hong Kong IIC Congresses I have had the good fortune of seeing this initiative grow from its beginnings in Istanbul to that of an established and successful arena to allow IIC student members to showcase their research. IIC continues its dedication to student members as we celebrate the success of a second Student and Emerging Conservator Conference which was held in Copenhagen in 2013, and as we prepare for the next such conference in Warsaw in 2015.

IIC provides an international perspective on the current issues in our field and I hope to continue participating in the future endeavours and continued excellence of programming offered by our organisation. I am honoured to work alongside creative and inspiring members on Council and the remarkable individuals who volunteer their time to support new initiatives and directions for IIC.

Stephen Koob
I am willing and very interested in becoming a member of the IIC Council. I have been a member of IIC since 1979, and elected to fellowship in 1991. I have been very active in IIC, attending 10 Congresses since 1984, and presenting papers (individually, or co-authoring) at seven of those. I have published widely in the field, including articles in Studies in Conservation, and I have also been an associate editor of Studies since 2012. I have actively recruited and supported new Fellows, and will continue to promote an active and growing professional membership. As a member of the IIC Council I believe I can strongly contribute to the IIC organisation, by helping to increase membership, assist in promoting the conservation field, and reviewing conservation awards, as well as assisting with other needs and duties as required. I have also been a very active conservation educator, and just this year was presented with the 2014 Sheldon and Caroline Keck Award of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works. I can certainly help in promoting educational opportunities and disciplines.

I am also willing to come to London for the IIC board Meetings, and the Corning Museum of Glass supports this.

Tom Learner
I have worked at the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) in Los Angeles for almost eight years, first in establishing its Modern and Contemporary Art Research Initiative, and – since January 2014 – as Head of Science, in which I oversee all scientific research being undertaken by the Institute, and develop and implement projects that advance conservation practice in the visual arts. Prior to my time at the GCI, I was a Senior Conservation Scientist at the Tate in London, where I worked for 14 years. I have a PhD in chemistry (University of London, 1997), and a Diploma in conservation of easel paintings (Courtauld Institute of Art, London, 1991).

I have been a member of IIC since 1988, when I was starting out on my conservation journey at the Courtauld, and strongly remember the impact that Studies in Conservation and – in particular – the 1990 Brussels Congress Cleaning, Retouching and Coatings had on my career. I have remained closely tied to IIC ever since, and thoroughly enjoyed serving on the Technical Committee for Reviews in Conservation from its inception until the publication was wrapped into Studies in 2010.

I am now seeking to join the IIC Council for the next term – in particular in the lead up to and immediate aftermath of the 2016 Congress, which will be held here in Los Angeles on the conservation issues of contemporary works of art. I am thrilled to be serving on the Technical Committee for the Congress, and look forward to being part of this extraordinary opportunity to develop a Congress that is unique from the many other conferences and meetings there have been on this subject: a congress that is suitably International in its scope and outlook, and seeks to explore potential overlaps between disciplines and cultures.

I sit on the steering committee for INCCA (the International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art) and was co-ordinator for the Modern Materials and Contemporary Art working group of ICOM-CC from 2008–14. I have also organised a number of major conferences, including Modern Paints Uncovered (Tate, London 2006), Object in Transition (Getty Center, Los Angeles 2008), and Conserving Outdoor Painted Sculpture (Kroller Muller Museum, Otterlo, 2013), and therefore feel I can add something significant to the 2016 Congress and IIC in general.

Graeme Scott
I have been working in conservation since 1978, and since 1996 in a management capacity. My special interests are in preventive and ethnographic conservation. I am currently Conservation Manager for Glasgow Museums, a group of nine institutions, both large and small, employing 20 conservators. Before that I spent 17 years in the National Museum of Ethnology in the Netherlands and seven years in Australia, having begun my career in Scotland. I have therefore worked in and with museums of all sizes, in a variety of countries and widely varying circumstances, both as a working conservator and as manager of groups of conservators and technicians. I have also worked regularly with private conservators and other contractors. The projects I have worked on have varied widely, from routine exhibition and loan preparation, training specialist staff and working with indigenous communities to organising major removal, reinstallation and renovation projects. I have therefore been working to apply sound and pragmatic conservation principles in all sorts of circumstances, and have a good understanding of what is possible and practical.

In the past I have been a committee member of the former Scottish Society for Conservation and Restoration (SSCR), helping organise conferences and meetings, and the Australian conservators association, the AICCM, when they were developing ideas on professional accreditation. I believe I can bring my broad knowledge of the practice of being a museum conservator and of institutional organisations, together with my personal skills as a manager and organiser, to the role of ordinary member of the Council.

AGM Talk and Reception

After the formal business is concluded, the meeting will be opened to the public and we will be hosting a panel discussion on the subject of ‘The future of heritage science’. This will be part of the Dialogues for the New Century series.

Tuesday, 20 January, 2015 - 00:00