News in Conservation, October 2014

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News in Conservation, International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, Volume 44, London (2014)


conservation, cultural heritage, digital preservation, galleries, museums, preventive conservation, restoration (process)


Welcome to Issue 44 of News in Conservation.
Whatever our profession, we have all experienced moments of dissatisfaction linked to its financial aspects, career opportunities (or lack thereof) or other reasons linked to our personal circumstances. Lately though, I had noticed a trend that puzzled me: dissatisfaction with the profession from people that hadn’t even entered it fully yet. On more than one occasion I witnessed discontent from emerging professionals and students aimed at the difficulties in landing their first paid job: conservators stuck in a whirlwind of countless unpaid ‘collaborations’ that would eventually enhance their CV and help them toward their goal, but meanwhile worried about their monthly bills and mounting student debts.
In this issue NiC gives voice to the very people at the core of this debate, exploring their opinions and experiences; the first such paper is from Sarah Giffin - but do not expect it to be all gloom and doom!
Directly from the IIC Hong Kong Congress NiC is delighted to bring you an article from the Student Poster Prize Winner Kao Wei, translated into English with text in Chinese too. We hope in time to be able to translate more papers from Chinese and other languages (volunteering, anyone?).
Two of the important outcomes of the IIC Congress were the ICOM-CC/IIC joint declaration on environmental guidelines drafted in Melbourne and agreed in Hong Kong, and the MoU between IIC and the Palace museum in Beijing, details in this issue and on the IIC website.
Barbara Borghese, editor