Congress poster listings - including student posters - announced … see who will be presenting about what!

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We now have online the full programme of poster presentations at the 2014 Hong Kong Congress - An Unbroken History: Conserving East Asian Works of Art and Heritage. This includes the separate listing for the student posters. Now you can check what is being presented by whom and we very much hope you will be able to join all the presenters at the special poster presentation session at 11.00 am on the Wednesday of the Congress (24th September). To see what is on when please go to and

Join us in Hong Kong - registration for the whole week is proving very popular, reflecting the venue of wonderfully vibrant and culturally rich Hong Kong, the high quality and range of the papers being presented and the busy and attractive social programme that is planned.

The specific areas covered are:
- Analysis and Conservation of East Asian Glass and Ceramics
- East Asian Lacquerware – from analysis to treatment
- Conserving East Asian Paintings
- Approaches to the Conservation of Thankas
- The Conservation and Study of Polychromy and Wall Paintings
- Conservation Materials for East Asian Art
- Temples, Stone and Rock Art
- Conserving Metals and Composite Objects: from Archeological bronzes to 20th C. cast iron paintings

Come and join your colleagues and make new links to conservators from all over east Asia - and explore the riches of the buzzing metropolis and cultural centre that is Hong Kong - we look forward to seeing you there!

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