IIC memberships were due for renewal on 1st July 2014

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If you have not already renewed your IIC membership for 2014 - 2015 please use the IIC web-site to renew: follow the Renewal instructions on the right hand side of the front page. We will be sending out renewal reminder forms by post to members who have not already paid their membership fee; if you use the paper form to renew please do not renew on the web-site as well.
As a reminder, IIC achieved a great deal in the last year through your efforts and support. We value your involvement very much; we hope that you will renew your membership for 2014 - 2015 and continue to be part of the exciting and developing community that is IIC.

Through you we have:
1. brought online all papers from Studies in Conservation, Reviews in Conservation and IIC Congresses back to 1952, all available from the members’ web pages; non-members have to pay for this - see the publications pages. Studies in Conservation receives so many excellent submissions that its size has been increased by two issues: it is now published six times a year. So that means you are getting 50% more research and practical experience, 50% more of the latest in heritage science, 50% more in the way of insight and analysis – for much less than a 50% increase in your membership fee.
2. You can list your own areas of interest and expertise in the field and search for others with the same specialisations and interests quickly and accurately with the improved membership database searching via the IIC web-site. Log in and click to see how this works here
3. Are you still a student? We held the second IIC Student and Emerging Conservator Conference in Copenhagen in September 2013, building on the success of the first such event in London in 2011. This was again an opportunity for those joining the profession to find out what the world of conservation is really like, as well as to meet future colleagues and discuss how their own futures could develop. We are already planning the 2015 event, so watch this space!

… and what could you be missing?

This year? There is much more to come ...
1. For the first time IIC will be in Hong Kong - for the 2014 Congress (22nd to 26th September) - see here. This will be an innovative and informative event, allowing discussion of a wide range of topics related to East Asian heritage in all its forms. It will also give the international community of conservation professionals the chance to meet, network and share their experiences in an exciting venue.
2. IIC is taking a lead and making a difference: the 2014 Hong Kong Congress will also feature its first integrated dialogue session as part of the programme, focusing on the very current topic of environmental control in relation to heritage conservation - see the 2014 Congress programme here
4. We intend to expand and develop the help given by the IIC Opportunities Fund to the members it supports see

But IIC cannot continue its efforts alone. Our support of you depends upon your support of us. Renew your membership, be part of the international community that is IIC - and enjoy the benefits too.

…Plus your donations

Your contributions to the Keck, Brommelle Memorial and Opportunities Funds enable us to reach out to students, conservators and organisations where resources are very limited. Please continue to support these initiatives that aim to improve world-wide conservation. Read more about these funds here

We understand that you have many choices and we know that budgets are tight, but your investment in IIC has contributed so much over the past 60 years of support IIC has given to heritage conservation.