News in Conservation, June 2014

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News in Conservation, International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, Volume 42, London (2014)


conservation, cultural heritage, digital preservation, galleries, museums, preventive conservation, restoration (process)


IIC 2014 Hong Kong Congress
Only slightly more than two months left to the IIC 2014 Hong Kong Congress, one of the main events in the calendar, and preparations are under way to ensure delegates will enjoy a memorable event. We finally have details of the programme published in the IIC News section and you will agree that the line-up looks rather impressive. There is still time to register so if you haven’t done so visit:

Membership renewal
It’s that time of the year again – time to renew your IIC membership and continue to be part of our community and enjoy the benefits that membership brings. You will find the updated list of fees in the IIC News section and if you wish to renew online you can do so by visiting:

In this issue Yuki Russel from Norfolk Archives describes a treatment on a large-format WWII map and in her report she describes how she dealt with the problem of metal pins and labels attached to the map.
NiC caught up with Shellie Cleaver, author of the hilarious comic strip “The Conservator versus Life” to talk about the idea behind the blog and the book.
Following on, Paola Ricciardi provides a comprehensive review of Non-Invasive Analysis of Painted Surfaces, a two-day international symposium held in Washington DC, in February 2014.

Finally a reminder that the next available date for submission of articles to NiC is July 1st; if you are thinking of contributing get in touch at


Barbara Borghese