News in Conservation, April 2014

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News in Conservation, International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, Volume 41, London (2014)


conservation, cultural heritage, digital preservation, galleries, museums, preventive conservation, restoration (process)


Is it just our impression or has heritage been featured prominently within mainstream media in the past two months?
This is obviously a good thing as heritage issues receive attention and are exposed to a wider audience; the flip side of the coin is that the focus tends to lie on bad news rather than highlighting the positives. So we’ve heard about more collapses in Pompeii, more destruction to cultural heritage in Syria and more looting in war-affected countries.
Far from shunning away from the harsh reality of cultural heritage in the world, here at NiC we like to bring you a balanced collection of news, articles and features, focussing on the bad, the good and the outstanding - so welcome to the April edition of NiC.
In this issue we travel to Turkey to learn about Göbekli Tepe, an early Neolithic archaeological site that is undergoing an impressive preservation campaign under the watchful eye of the Global Heritage Fund.
Following on we move to Portugal with the first of our long features: here we explore the conservation approach of the team from the Instituto Politecnico de Tomar and Geobiotec that carried out an intervention on an 18th Century wall tile panel.
The second feature is the interesting chronicle of a conservation course that took place in San Gemini, Italy told by one of the course’s tutor.
Lastly, do not miss the IIC News section with important information about the Hong Kong Congress!
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Barbara Borghese