News in Conservation, February 2014

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News in Conservation, International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, Volume 40, London (2014)


conservation, cultural heritage, digital preservation, galleries, museums, preventive conservation, restoration (process)


At the time of writing this editorial I am feverishly waiting for the opening of the movie “The Monuments Men”, a film about the a group of museum directors, curators and art historians co-opted on a mission to recover art works stolen by the Nazis during the Second World War. If you are a social media follower you will be aware of the link with IIC – the principal character in the movie, played by George Clooney is based on George L. Stout, one of the founding members and Honorary Fellow of IIC.
If you have watched the film or want to share some informations about these events please get in touch, we want to hear your opinion.
In this issue of NiC Kate Cooper and Julia Fenn treats us to a ‘mystery’ story. In their article they talk about the events that saw an ivory figurine representing a female deity to be acquired by the Royal Ontario Museum and the subsequent quest to establish whether the figurine is indeed a Minoan artefact or just a fake.
Following on, Marcus Stanton tells us about the conservation of Building 17 – a large mill at Sir Richard Arkwright’s Cromford Mills in Derbyshire, UK and Kate Bailey delivers a review of the 4th Heritage Conference - Asiatic Traditional Painting, Its History and Conservation – held in London in October 2013.
If you couldn’t attend the 2014 IIC AGM you not only missed a great event and a very interesting talk by Tom Learner, but also the announcement of the 2016 IIC Congress which will take place in Los Angeles, USA. But fear not, you can find all the details on the IIC website and a short account of the evening on page 18.

Barbara Borghese