Medelhavsmuseet mummies to be revealed in 3D

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STOCKHOLM – A team of researchers at the Medelhavsmuseet will employ a unique technology to digitally make available enhanced images of human mummies on what the museum team working on the project described as a ‘virtual autopsy table’.
The work has been planned to coincide with the opening of a new exhibition space on Egypt to be inaugurated in 2014 and it is carried out in collaboration with the Swedish Interactive Institute (ICT) and the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) in Norrköping/Linköping.
The project is based on current research on visualization and interaction, and the goals is to provide insights using the latest technology, in the form of an interactive visualization tool. The museum’s collection of mummies will be digitised using the latest 3D reality capture techniques and will be made available to museum visitors through an interactive exhibition experience. The technology is based on the combination of images obtained through laser scanning, tomography and photogrammetry.
The eight mummies held in the Medelhavsmuseet’s collection are a main visitor’s attraction. To learn more about the project please visit: