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Let us tell you about the new things that IIC has achieved in the last year – and also hope that by renewing your membership you will continue to be part of the exciting and developing community that is IIC, the International Institute for Conservation. IIC achieves a lot through the efforts and support of its members and we value your involvement very much.

Please use this web-site to renew at Membership - or see the right-hand column of the web-site’s front page (www.iiconservation.org) . We have also sent out a renewal form to all members by post; if you are using this method of renewing please do not duplicate your renewal on here.

So what did your last year’s membership of IIC bring?

1. Thanks to the generosity of the Getty Foundation you are now benefiting from a re-designed web-site. This means that you can more easily see what is happening in the international conservation community via easily-used news pages, listed events and courses, plus links to IIC’s social networking media and News in Conservation.
2. News in Conservation has continued to grow, and is now available for free download to all internationally, whether IIC members or not, offering features that are completely new: opinion pieces, more treatment-related items and reviews of international conservation journals, as well as continuing to focus on the latest developments and happenings in conservation across the globe (see https://www.iiconservation.org/publications/nic ).
3. And of course last year we held the popular and important Vienna Congress: The Decorative: Conservation and the Applied Arts, which brought the international conservation profession together to discuss and review this central aspect of conservation research and practice. The papers are available free for all members from the IIC web-site, the first time that this service has been possible: [link unavailable due to access restrictions] .

And this new year? There is much more to come. Four selected things to watch out for are:
1. The range of papers available for download from the IIC web-site to members now includes all papers from Reviews in Conservation, all papers from Studies in Conservation and IIC Congresses from 1980 and from January 2014 will cover all papers back to 1952! See https://www.iiconservation.org/publications/sic
2. Know what your colleagues do (if you don’t know already) via improved membership searching. The new web-site enables you to list your own specialisms in the field and search for others with the same specialisms (“ domains”) and interests: https://www.iiconservation.org/members
3. The Second IIC Student and Emerging Conservator Conference, will be held in Copenhagen in September 2013, building on the success of the 2011 event in London. This will be an opportunity for those joining the profession to find out what the world of the conservation is really like, as well as to meet their future colleagues and discuss how they see their futures: IIC 2013 Student & Emerging Conservator Conference – save the date!
4. The build-up to the 2014 IIC Hong Kong Congress continues apace. This will be IIC’s first event in Hong Kong and promises to be an innovative and informative event, allowing discussion of a wide range of topics related to East Asian heritage in all its forms and also giving conservation professionals the chance to meet, network and enhance the international community of heritage professionals. See: [link unavailable due to access restrictions]

Busy? Yes. But IIC cannot continue its efforts alone. Our support of you depends upon your support of us. Renew your membership and enjoy the benefits while supporting IIC.

…Plus your donations

We have been delighted at the level of support given in the past year IIC’s Keck, Brommelle Memorial and Opportunities Funds, all of which help advance our charitable aims and activities. The generosity of IIC members enables us to reach out to students, conservators and organisations where resources are very limited. Please support these valuable improvements to world-wide conservation by donating to these funds (Donate).

Major contributions to IIC activities have come from legacies given by members. If you wish to return some of the benefit you have received from conservation in your life and career, please consider leaving a legacy (Legacy giving). There isn’t space here to tell you about all the services and benefits that IIC dedicates itself to providing but you can read about many of them on the IIC web site: http://www.iiconservation.org and you will see many more as the coming year unfolds. While you’re at the website, don’t forget to update your profile page: it’s a great way to stay in touch with other members worldwide.

It’s been a busy year, but you know that IIC cannot continue its efforts alone. Our support of you depends upon your support of us.

Renew! Be part of the ever growing and ever more exciting international conservation community through IIC.

We know you have many choices and we know that budgets are tight, but your investment in IIC helps us to continue the over 60 years of support IIC has given to heritage conservation, and to you.