Peeling back the layers: Eileen Gray's brick screens

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Journal Article


Griffith, Roger; Delidow, Margo; McGlinchey, Chris;


Studies in Conservation, Volume 57, Number S1, p.130-137 (2012)


Eileen Gray (1879‐1976), renowned designer and architect, created several lacquer block or ‘brick’ screens during her career. Although there are approximately 15 extant screens, the focus of this study is limited to 10 white and black screens with known provenance. Exhaustive archival research, screen examination, and technical and material analyses confirm the hypothesis that these 10 screens are dissimilar in fabrication. This study tracks and records the history, provenance, fabrication, condition, use, and material analysis of these 10 screens. Letters, journals, and analyses show the design evolution of the screens and provide further insight into unpublished material on Eileen Gray's lacquer brick screens.