News in Conservation, December 2012

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News in Conservation, International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, Volume 33, London (2012)


Welcome to the December issue of News in Conservation.
In this issue:

  • NiC explores the concept of intangible heritage in relation to preservation and conservation with an article written by Nikolaos Maniatis and Georgios Panagiaris.
  • Leanne Tonkin provides an interesting report on the third in a series of workshops focusing on cleaning acrylic surfaces. The workshop reviewed, CAPS3, was held at Tate.
  • For the forthcoming IIC AGM meeting, to be held in January 2013, NiC is showcasing the manifestoes of the candidates standing for election or re-election. If you are a member of IIC remember to vote!

Lastly, this issue of NiC contains the first in a series of IIC reviews of conservation journals and periodicals available in languages other than English.
NiC wishes all readers and IIC members a very happy festive season!