Investigation of the materials found in the studio of Francis Bacon (1909-1992)

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Journal Article


Russell, Joanna E.; Singer, Brian W.; Perry, Justin J.; Bacon, Anne;


Studies in Conservation, Volume 57, Number 4, p.195-206 (2012)


The investigation of materials found in Bacon's studio is reported. The contents of the studio are examined and interpreted to identify the materials and colours most favoured by Bacon, and the range of media used. A small number of colours appear to have been heavily used. Some objects used as tools in the painting process are also investigated and explain textures seen in paint in his works. Samples of selected materials from the studio are analysed to identify the components of paints (pigments, extenders, and binders) used by Bacon. This investigation is part of a wider project examining his materials and techniques. The analytical information obtained here from the studio helps to clarify the statements made by Bacon in interviews regarding his use of materials and is proving useful in the identification of materials in his paintings, in order to help with the conservation and authentication of his works.