News in Conservation, October 2012

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News in Conservation, International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, Volume 32, London (2012)


Greetings from NiC! The October 2012 Issue is now ready for download
In this issue we will be transported to the Petén Jungle in Guatemala where Teresa Navarro Gomez will illustrate the work of the team conserving a monumental mask in the Mayan site of Uaxactún, as part of the SAHI Uaxactún Conservation Project.
The IIC 2012 Vienna Congress was a great success as witnessed by participants and noted by readers and followers that sent us their comments and pictures; Maria Gruber sent us her report complete with images which can be viewed on page 12-13 of this issue.
Sagita Mirjam Sunara gives us an in-depth report on the 9th International Conference of Conservation-Restoration Programmes held annually in Craotia and Rebecca Pavitt offers us a review of the workshop "Cleaning of painted surfaces" explaining the latest techniques discussed during the event held in Vancouver, Canada.
Full feature on page 14-15
This issue of NiC includes a rich collection of news from around the world and an updated list of events on What’s on + NiC’s List

Best Wishes,
Barbara Borghese, editor