Infrared microspectroscopy for the analysis of old painting material

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Journal Article


Van'T Hul-Ehrnreich, E. H.;


Studies in conservation, Volume 15, Number 3, p.175-182 (1970)


examination, infrared, materials, microscopy, microspectroscopy, microtome, paintings, paints, Perkin-Elmer IR microspectrometer


The Perkin-Elmer infrared microspectrometer consists of a basic, double-beam spectrometer M 13, on which a microscopical system model 85 with reflecting optics can be mounted. The microspectrometer can be used only for single-beam measurements. Pressed in a K Br-pellet, with a radius of 0.5 mm., the amount of sample of a pure material can be decreased to 2 micrograms. A sample with different paint-layers can be embedded in a wax with little infrared absorption and can be cut with the help of a microtome in slices with a thickness of 20 microns. Every paint-layer can be measured separately by means of an adjustable diaphragm in the microscope. A sample area of 37.5 × 500 microns is sufficient to obtain an identifiable spectrum.