Feature cards for the storing of technical data which result from the scientific examination of works of art

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Journal Article


Kühn, Hermann; Zocher, Christel;


Studies in conservation, Volume 15, Number 2, p.102-121 (1970)


information retrieval, punch-cards


A feature card system is described which enables the storing of information resulting from the scientific examination of works of art. The feature card system is necessary in order to ascertain quickly certain information for reference purposes. It also enables technical findings to be related to artists, epochs and art regions, and statistical reports to be made on the use of certain materials and art techniques in different centuries and epochs. The punch cards used cover a maximum number of 6000 objects. The number of features which can be introduced is unlimited because it corresponds to the number of punch cards. The system works on the following lines: the art objects are numbered in the order in which they are examined. Each art object is given a serial number. The serial number is punched on the feature cards, which are subdivided into feature sections, and alphabetically arranged. The feature (general, art-historical and technical data) is given as a head ing in 'clear-text' at the top of each punch card. The feature card system described has some advantages: for setting up such a system only a rough scheme need be worked out. It is always possible to introduce further features at a later date. The system described is one of the simplest and cheapest punch card systems; it can be operated similarly to a normal filing system.