Measuring method for determining moisture content and moisture distribution in monuments

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Journal Article


Boeqijt, W.O.; Vos, B.H.;


Studies in conservation, Volume 15, Number 2, p.81-93 (1970)


content, Europe, Haarlem, moisture, Netherlands, North Holland, stone, Western


A method is described for the determination of moisture content and moisture distribution in monuments. It is a non-destructive method, and measurements can be repeated at the same place. The apparatus is fully automated for measuring at 28 different positions in structures, each position representing 9 measuring points at different depths. By using this method an insight is obtained into the origin of the moisture. This knowledge is necessary if one wants to take effective measures to protect the structures against moisture. Some results are given, mainly concerning a study of moisture migration in the St Bavo Cathedral in Haarlem, The Netherlands.