Element distribution in cross-sections of paintings studied by the X-ray macroprobe

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Journal Article


Stolow, Nathan; Hanlan, James F.; Boyer, Raymond;


Studies in conservation, Volume 14, Number 4, p.139-151 (1969)


cross-sections, dispersion (material), heat-sealing, Jan Andrea (1644-80), Lievens, Mowilith®, paintings, Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn (1606-69), x-ray fluorescence


Cross-sections from paintings were analyzed using a fine focus vacuum x-ray fluorescence spectrograph with a sample holder which can be moved in a reproducible manner in the horizontal plane. The apparatus enables sample cross-sections to be scanned for element composition above atomic number 16 over areas of 50 microns in diameter or greater. The method has been applied particularly to the study of Rembrandt and Lievens paintings.