Website migration complete

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Hopefully you have already noticed that the IIC website is different. The visual appearance of the website has been updated, but the more significant changes have taken place behind the scenes.

New features

Some features of the new website which will be of interest for members and visitors are:

  • Anybody can register for an IIC account even if they are not IIC members - this will allow them to receive news and notifications from IIC for free.
  • Website search has been improved. Keyword searching is allowed for everybody using the text box on the top right corner of the page. All content (including publications) is searchable based on keywords. Content is also classified using faceted searching which allows users to be more focused and efficient in their search with greater success of retrieving relevant results. This is only available for IIC members. At the moment faceted searching is available on recent news and events, but we are planning to extend it to all past news stories and publications.
  • Browsing publications has improved. You can retrieve easily a specific article if you know the reference. Keyword searching works for publications using the text box on the top right corner of the page.
  • Publications references work with the popular reference manager Zotero so that you can use the IIC website as a repository of references for your academic publishing.
  • Online discussions are now available for every transcript of the Dialogues initiative. This is available for IIC members only.
  • Social media is incorporated in every page so that you can start sharing IIC news, Dialogues and publication references with friends.
  • The Events page has been redesigned to include a list of forthcoming deadlines. We are also launching a beta version of a calendar tool, to which you can subscribe from your calendar client (e.g. Sunbird, MS Outlook, iCal etc.) and receive events alongside your personal or work calendars.

This has been a very significant change for IIC and technically a challenging task. Although we have undertaken thorough testing, the complexity of the task is such that tools we wish to offer may require further configuration.

Please help

We would like you to:

  • Log on to your account with your existing IIC username and password and check your account details - especially your contact details and postal addresses.
  • Send us feedback by using the site-wide contact form, so that we improve the new website.
  • Contribute to the Dialogue discussions and use the new social networking tools to make the website a lively and vibrant space.
  • Please be patient if and when you discover something that is not working as it should in the first few weeks - we will fix it.

We hope you will enjoy using the new website as much as we have enjoyed building it. A reminder of what the old website looked like is here.