Brommelle Memorial Fund

An investment in the people who will be doing your job in a few years’ time …

Students are the future of heritage conservation, the next generation of conservation professionals. IIC’s Student conferences, student poster sessions and the participation of students at IIC congresses are all supported by IIC funds. But the growing number and merit of emerging professionals is making increasing demands on the exiting funds. IIC’s innovative and much valued Brommelle Memorial Fund needs constant topping up to ensure that we can continue to support and encourage the next generation of conservators.

The Brommelle Memorial Fund was established in 1990 in memory of Norman Brommelle, who was Secretary-General of IIC between 1958 and 1988. The fund is used to provide assistance for students of conservation who are IIC members and wish to attend the Institute's international Congresses.

By donating to the Brommelle Memorial Fund you are helping IIC to provide access for students to the high level of information and debate that IIC Congresses provide, as well as providing a link into the interational conservation community that these students wish to join and encouraging the next generation of conservation professionals.

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