More about News in Conservation

News in Conservation (NiC) is the e-paper from IIC, published in PDF format six times per year, it is delivered via an email alert to members and is freely downloadable from the IIC website, with open access. Together with delivering worldwide conservation and preservation news to our community, NiC is a vehicle to keep members informed of IIC activities and other news. NiC is an evolving project, one that exists thanks to the support of authors and writers that contribute articles and other informative material guaranteeing a steady flow of relevant content. IIC aims to mould our e-paper to fit our community's evolving interests and preferences; for this reason we invite comments and feedback and we maintain a continuous link with our social media activities.
Since being launched as an electronic publication, NiC has been growing steadily and in the past year has increased its readership and its overall reach. NiC has been praised on various social media networks by comments left by users and often cited as a good example of successful conservation outreach effort.
With continuous help and support, NiC will continue to deliver conservation news to the world of conservation, aiming to grow and reach further afield.
NiC is freely downloadable at