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Opportunities for conservation around the world - via IIC’s Opportunities Fund

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By becoming an IIC World Member, you are donating to the IIC’s Opportunities Fund on top of your standard IIC membership. This Fund was established in 2010 to provide membership to individuals and institutions who cannot easily afford the annual subscription fees.

By providing the benefits of IIC membership for both individuals and institutions, conservators and conservation professionals will be better able to advance their skills and access the relevant knowledge for the care of heritage. Donors to this initiative will be recognised as World Members through regular publication of both new supporters and beneficiaries in News in Conservation.

As an example of what the money given to IIC’s Opportunities Fund has achieved, the Department of Conservation at the Hudogestvena Akademia (National Academy of Arts) in Sofia, Bulgaria has been given membership so that the students there can increase their professional knowledge and expertise.

A list of institutions supported by the Opportunities Fund can be found Opportunities Fund.

The impact for these institutions has been significant, summed up by Stefan Belishki of the Hudogestvena Akademia: “membership of IIC gives us a wonderful opportunity to get in contact with other professional conservators, to discuss professional issues and, of course, to see ourselves in the big picture of the profession and in the complex process of conservation of cultural heritage. This networking allows us to update and increase our knowledge and (eventually) to contribute by sharing experience, achievements and professional problems.”

There are more institutions with similar needs, but there is not the cash to pay for all those who would benefit. The Opportunities Fund needs a major injection to ensure its long-term success

World Membership Categories

These categories of World Membership are available:
World Membership Category - Annual Donation
Gold World Member - £180 or more
Silver World Member - £60 or more
Bronze World Member - £25 or more
World Member - up to £25

Current IIC World Members

Since 2012 the response to a call for donations during the membership renewal process has generated a tremendous response, and IIC Council acknowledges and thanks all those who have contributed.
The donors for the current IIC membership year are as follows:

IIC Gold World Members

Jonathan Ashley-Smith
Stefan Michalski

IIC Silver World Members

Barbara Reeve
Jo Kirby Atkinson
Charlotte Hubbard
Theo Sturge
Gordon Turner-Walker

IIC Bronze World Members

Julian Bickersteth
Shing-Wai Chan
Julie Dawson
Jenny Dickens
Dinah Eastop
Michael Gallagher
Helen Ganiaris
Cricket Harbeck
Jane Henderson
Vicki Humphrey
Richard Kerschner
David Leigh
Fiona Macalister
Julia Nagle
Joanna Payne
Robert Payton
Clive Raymond
Alison Richmond
Henry Newton
David Saunders
Balthazar Soulier
Sarah Staniforth
Joyce Townsend
Deborah Trupin

IIC World Members

Barbara Berrie H
Jennifer Dinsmore
Jose Artur dos Santos Pestana
Jacopo Gilardi
Lisa Goldberg
Richard Hefford-Hobbs
Velson Horie
Christine Kelly
Nora Kennedy
Amber Kerr
Roman Kozlowski
Helen Lloyd
Deborah Long
Lynsey Morgan
Juanita Navarro
Christine Leback Sitwell
Tiina Sonninen
Karolina Soppa
James Spriggs
Gillian Walker
Robert Waller
Christopher Weeks
Emily Williams

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