IIC shares C2RMF concerns

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IIC has joined the international protest at the proposed relocation of the Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France (C2RMF).

A copy of the letter of protest, sent to a number of senior conservation and heritage figures in France follows:

Monsieur Philippe BELAVAL
Directeur Général des Patrimoines
Ministère de la Culture & de la Communication

Dear M. Belaval

The IIC would like to express its deep concern regarding the possible relocation of the Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France (C2RMF). While we are keenly aware that the Louvre Museum must continually seek the efficient use of its space to meet its mission, the value of the C2RMF to more than 1200 collections across France is clear.

The importance of the Centre’s location in a major city, serving as a transportation, scholarly and technical research hub for much of Europe, cannot be overstated. The advantages of the close association of the Centre with the Louvre (administratively and through its location) are many and reflect well upon the Louvre itself, promoting the Louvre’s position as a leader in the field of heritage preservation and scientific research. IIC also points out that the disruption caused by this relocation will have a long term negative impact upon the many museums and institutions across France that depend upon the Centre’s work and the international community which benefits from C2RMF’s work

The importance of C2RMF to the international community cannot be over emphasized. Its contributions have been monumental and essential to the logical and successful preservation of cultural heritage. The Centre’s work reflects positively on the interest and commitment of France to heritage preservation not just within the country, but globally.

We hope you will reconsider this relocation and support the Centre’s facilities within an important urban centre and within one of the world’s great museums, the Louvre.

Yours respectfully,

Jerry Podany Jo Kirby Atkinson
IIC President IIC Secretary-General