English Heritage cathedral condition survey out

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English Heritage's Cathedrals Fabric Condition Survey has been published early this December. The report shows that more than £250 million has been spent on repairs since 1991 and that most essential work has been completed. In the coming decade, cathedrals will need to spend £100 million on repairs. However, only six out of sixty-one cathedrals still need to carry out major repair programmes in the next decade.

Dr Simon Thurley, Chief Executive of English Heritage, said: "Our Fabric Survey shows that cathedral bodies are taking excellent care of the heritage in their keeping. Our new publication shows what can be achieved with the aid of English Heritage advice and by individual cathedrals working with their Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches' governing bodies. Above all it shows that cathedrals continue to evolve, adding to their glories with a thriving tradition of commissioning the highest standards of new architecture, craftsmanship and design.

"Our first fabric survey in 1991 revealed that many cathedrals were in a dire state. Today, having spent £250 million, they are in much better shape though constant vigilance is still required if these national treasures are not to slip again into decline. English Heritage, recently in partnership with the Wolfson Foundation, has given £52 million and we remain as committed as ever. As a symbol of that commitment, I am delighted to announce today an English Heritage grant of £250,000 towards urgent work at Lincoln."