Excavating Antarctic whisky

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New Zealand

Two crates of Scotch whisky discovered beneath an Antarctic hut used by Shackleton are to be recovered, the BBC has reported. The McKinlay and Co whisky was found buried under the Cape Royds hut, built and used during Shackleton's unsuccessful South Pole expedition between 1907 and 1909.

New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust plans to use specialist cutting tools to remove the crates from the ice. The whisky will then be sent to New Zealand for conservation before being returned to the hut at Cape Royds. Distillers Whyte and Mackay, which now own the McKinlay brand, are keen to sample and perhaps re-create the now-extinct blend.

Shackleton's expedition ran short of supplies on its long trek to the South Pole from Cape Royds. They eventually fell about 100 miles short of their goal, although one team did reach the magnetic South Pole and the expedition carried out valuable scientific work.

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