SGS Connect: The Seminar is Over, but our Work is Not

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Image of cover of Salzburg declaration

Yesterday I described the working process of the Seminar, and how much I liked the format; today, now that we've adjourned, I have some preliminary results to share.

After hearing the final two plenary sessions this morning, each of the 5 working groups gave their presentations (Emergency Preparedness,  Raising Awareness and Support,  New Preservation Approaches,  Education and Training, and  Assessment and Planning).  Though we tackled different issues, in the end, all  were interconnected and we worked to make progress and provide positive recommendations and ides for making advancements in our field. Many groups worked into the wee hours of the night to solidify their ideas. I considered posting all of the handouts that were  distributed  by the groups, but instead decided that they would likely need the broader context of the corresponding PowerPoint presentations.

I will share with you, though, a small portion of my working group's report because it relates directly to this blog and social media applications.  Here is what we suggested for New Technologies in the field of Education & Training.

We recognise single, institution-owned portals for sharing conservation knowledge are not sustainable, and may not be desirable.  Crowd-sourced social networking technologies exist to share images, video and documents freely.  We acknoledge both the potential and the need for critical evaluation for these technologies.

We recommend a pilot project to establish protocols for good practice.

In summarizing  all of the information presented by the working groups,  Vinod Daniel,  from the Australian Museum in Sydney,  said: "the plenary sessions were like the appetizers and the working groups were the main meal." These  presentations and the associated handouts will be the pillars that Joyce Hill Stoner, uses to construct her report.

In addition to the reports, it was decided that we  collaboratively  produced a declaration that summarizes our seminar. We did it by all being in the room while the document was projected on the screen. Here's an image of it. If you click here for a PDF version.