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Monday, 5 May, 2008 - 23:00

Following the announcement (covered in the December 2007 issue of News in Conservation) that the UK's Textile Conservation Centre (TCC) will close in 2009, an online petition has been organised to protest about the closure. The petition, which can only be signed by British citizens or residents, can be found at here. The deadline for signing up is 6 May 2008. So far the petition has 3,275 signatures - so add your name today and register your support for conservation training courses!


TENEN – The Danish Society for Textile History – assembled for general meeting in Odense, Denmark, on March 8, 2008, express our deepest regret at the news that the Textile Conservation Centre will be closing in 2009.

Half of all textile conservators of the entire world have been educated at the TCC, and the scientific level is second to none. Where will museums and institutions turn to for professional assistance?

When Karen Finch started developing the profession of textile conservation after the war, tapestry conservation was a task offered to widows of museum staff – instead of a pension. Is this the level the United Kingdom wishes to return to?

For TENEN – Danish Society for Textile History

Lone de Hemmer Egeberg, vice-chairman
Teglgården 66
DK-3460 BirkerÞd