Conservation laboratory recreates ancient Egyptian colours

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Researchers at an Italian conservation laboratory claim to have  discovered  the  secrets  of ancient  Egyptian  craftsmen - and that conservation treatments will be much improved as a result.

The  ISAD lab  in Trepani was  commissioned  by Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities to investigate why  some of the pigments on ancient wall paintings were fading. It had been assumed that the pigments were based on earth colours, so the colour fading was unexpected and inexplicable.  As  a  result,  conservation  efforts  based  on  this assumption had  disappointing results.  However,  the  Italian  researchers  say  that they  have  now managed  to  identify the minerals from which the pigments were made, and will be recreating them exactly in  the National Resarch Council's inorganic surface chemistry lab in Padua.

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