Noëlle Streeton steps down as editor of Reviews in Conservation

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A message from David Saunders, IIC's Director of Publications:

Volume 7 of Reviews in Conservation was published in late 2007, under the editorship of Noelle Streeton. The issue has been extremely well received, but is unfortunately the last that will be edited by Noelle, who is standing down after five years to pursue a new stage of her career. Her contribution to making the fledgling Reviews in Conservation that she inherited an important addition to the IIC stable of publications is much appreciated. New editors of Reviews in Conservation will be appointed to succeed Noelle and assistant editor Christina Rozeik who is also standing down. The editorial advisory board of Reviews in Conservation was established seven years ago and has also contributed greatly to its success. Several members of the board having expressed a wish to stand down, it was decided in 2006, to establish a five-year term for members and to start, gradually, to replace members as they stood down over a three year period. Andreas Burmester, May Cassar, Tim Padfield and John Winter, all members of the board since the launch of the journal, have retired this year after seven years of much-appreciated service. Margaret Holben Ellis, Nobuyuki Kamba and Tom Learner have been appointed to the Editorial Advisory Board and will be joined in early 2007 by Agnes Brokerhof.