Auschwitz camp in desperate need of conservation

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The new director of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp claimed recently that the site was in urgent need of conservation.

The camp buildings are under threat from flooding and erosion, and many of the artefacts on the site are being damaged by mould, insect activity or poor environmental conditions. There is also some loss or damage from the camp's 1 million annual visitors.

However, the Auschwitz conservators treated 377 moveable objects last year, including a folder full of sheet music for the camp orchestra, dozens of stools, and a German anti-aircraft map. They also continued the preservation of the ruined gas chambers and crematoria, and even the famous "Arbeit mach frei" inscription above the camp's entrance.

Auschwitz succumbs to the ravages of time -- Cape Times

Auschwitz-Birkenau website (in English, Polish and German)


I can believe this. From my limited experience, the Germans are now slowly catching up with the imperatrive to conserve what they now admit to themselves is so important. In a story like this it would be wonderful - in due course - to have the comments of a conservator, or to have the Director say whether he/she has consullted a conbservator.... That will often be the case, but it would need a network of volunteer conservation journalists round the world to follow such stories up in this way.

In general , I like the length of the intro paragraphs. Just enough wording to tempt one to read more...

this was really informative. bravo