Lime-based injection grouts for the conservation of architectural surfaces

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Journal Article


Biçer-Simsir, Beril; Griffin, Isobel; Rainer, Leslie; Palazzo-Bertholon, Bénédicte ;


Reviews in Conservation, Volume 10, p.3-17 (2009)


This paper reviews the literature on injection grouts used in the conservation of architectural surfaces including wall paintings, plasters, and mosaics. It presents the materials and techniques of grouting, and methods of evaluation, focusing on lime- and hydraulic lime-based grouts. This review indicates that a variety of materials have been investigated for use as injection grouts, and numerous commercial and custom-mixed grouts are available to conservators today. However, there are few standard or well-established methods to assess them, which have led to a wide range of test methods for their preparation, characterization, and evaluation. It is clear that a systematic study of the working and performance properties, test methods, and preparation and curing conditions is needed, as is an evaluation of products being used in the field.