The conservation of three Whistler prints on Japanese paper

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Conference Paper


Nicholson, Catherine;


The conservation of Far Eastern art: preprints of the contributions to the Kyoto Congress, 19-23 September 1988, p.39-43 (1988)


Gampi, James Abbott McNeill (1834-1903), Japanese paper, print, Whistler


A severely creased and torn Whistler print on thin gampi paper was effectively flattened by friction drying against a smooth paraffin sheet. This technique also revived the characteristic surface sheen of gampi lost on wetting. Backing the torn gampi with a thin gampi sheet attached with methyl cellulose successfully preserved the translucency of the gampi. A second gampi print with pasted edges was treated with amylase poultices to remove the paste. A third print on mitsumata resisted repeated soakings and was finally removed from its mount by physical means. A.A.