Conservation of textiles at the West Berlin State Museums

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Journal Article


Lehmann, Detlef;


Studies in conservation, Volume 9, Number 1, p.9-22 (1964)


Central, conservation, Eulan u33®, eulanbls propenoate film, Europe, Germany, Germany (Berlin), Germany (West Berlin), levapon, moth-proofing textiles, permyl b1000, textiles, tinofix lw, Was


A reference collection of textiles is first described. For dry cleaning the author recommends in particular tetrachlorethylene used in conjunction with water plus detergent. For wet cleaning he uses one of the Levapons (made by Bayer). Repairing and reinforcement with a backing material are next described. For mothproofing full details are given of the use of two Eulans, one aqueous, the other applied in an organic solvent. For strengthening by impregnation a "propenoate" synthetic plastic has been developed (formula undisclosed). The material is flexible, yet completely non-tacky. Sprayed on a fabric it is invisible except on the closest inspection. G. Thomson