Is cradling the answer?

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Journal Article


Buck, Richard D.;


Studies in conservation, Volume 7, Number 3, p.71-74 (1962)


cradling, panel paintings


In America, because of the extremes of temperature encountered, the question of panel paintings is very serious. The paint layer on a panel painting is clearly safest when no movement is allowed, as in an air-conditioned gallery, or where the painting has been transferred to a completely stable support. In America there is an increasing tendency not to touch a panel painting until observation has shown that treatment is really necessary. There is need, however, for an intermediate type of treatment that will maintain the security of the paint as well as the panel even under adverse atmospheric conditions. It is time to re-examine seriously whether the cradle is appropriate for this intermediate type of treatment. Further studies of the mechanical properties both of wood and of aged paint are required. Garry Thomson