Formulating Programs For Long-Term Care Of Excavated Marble: Removing And Suppressing Biological Growth

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Conference Paper


Severson, Kent;


Conservation and the Eastern Mediterranean: Contributions to the 2010 IIC Congress, Istanbul, p.172-177 (2010)


Excavation of classical cities in Western Asia yields large quantities of marble, much of which must survive unprotected in an open-air environment for the foreseeable future. Accumulating bacteria, lichen and higher plants disfigure surfaces and threaten integrity. Illustrated by work at two sites in turkey, the Harvard/cornell sardis Excavations and the New York University (NYU) Aphrodisias Excavations, control of biocolonization on marble surfaces through cleaning techniques such as low-pressure water washing in conjunction with biocides is presented. reburial techniques that provide both protection and accessibility as a preservation option are also described.