The conservation of the mosaics at the Kariye Camii

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Journal Article


Hawkins, Ernest;


Studies in conservation, Volume 5, Number 3, p.102-109 (1960)


buildings, Byzantine, conservation, Europe, Europe (Balkan Peninsula), Istanbul, Kariye Camii, mosaics, petrification, stone, Turkey, Turkey (Istanbul)


The mosaics of the Monastery of the Chora, made at the time of the building in the second decade of the XIVth century, have recently been completely uncovered and cleaned from overlying accretions of plaster, limewash and paint. Where loose, individual tesserae have been reset and secured by copper cramps anchored in the supporting masonry and inserted so as to be concealed beneath the surface. The cleaning has been carried out by manual processes employing dental tools and fine brushes. Structural repairs and the reinforcement of the building have ensured the continued survival of the mosaics. Garry Thomson