La microstéréoradiographie

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Journal Article


Kozlowski, Rudolf;


Studies in conservation, Volume 5, Number 3, p.89-101 (1960)


Eastern, Europe, examination, microstereoradiography, paintings, Poland, Poland (Kraków)


A method for the examination of paintings by stereo-x-radiography with great amplification of depth. Angular stereography is used: radiographs have been taken at an angle of 130° between the two positions of the x-ray tube, giving an enlargement of depth of 114 times. This has the effect of separating the layers of the picture to an extent not previously possible. By using a special stereoscope the farthest parts of the picture can be made to recede to infinity. 7 plates are printed in red and green as stereo-pairs, to be viewed with spectacles provided. Garry Thomson