Conservation for presentation: a key for protecting monuments

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Conference Paper


Nardi, Roberto;


Conservation and Access: Contributions to the 2008 IIC Congress, London, p.0-0 (2008)


The abandonment, neglect, poor planning or inadequate presentation of cultural heritage are common occurrences. In some cases, the only way to prevent destruction and abandonment is to undertake treatment specifically designed for public consumption, with the aim of recovering forgotten or undervalued heritage. Accepting this premise, in certain circumstances conservation treatment suggests technical solutions that are closer to restoration than conservation. This type of situation has occurred several times in the course of the activities of the Center for Archaeological Conservation, Rome, and has been approached as described below. The interventions were carried out in Israel in the Large Baths and Liscat Hamefaked in Masada, and in Radà, Yemen, in the Madrasa Amiriya. A case still in progress, the conservation of gigantic stone statues from the tenth century BC from Cabras, Sardinia, Italy, concludes the paper.