‘Botanical wonders’: the conservation and exhibition of the Harvard glass flowers

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Conference Paper


Koob, Stephen P.; Fulton, Scott E.; Rossi-Wilcox, Susan M.;


Conservation and Access: Contributions to the 2008 IIC Congress, London, p.0-0 (2008)


The exhibition ‘Botanical Wonders’, presented at The Corning Museum of Glass in 2007, showcased the exquisite and accurate glass models of plants made by the Bohemian flameworkers, Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka. New conservation techniques and materials were developed for the stabilization, repair and packing of the models, which were shipped from their home at the Botanical Museum of Harvard University to Corning, New York. The museums’ curators and conservators collaborated with Corning’s registrar in an effort that stressed the utmost care and minimal handling to ensure the safety of the objects. A small conservation ‘laboratory’ was included in the exhibition, supplemented by a two-minute video on treatments carried out on some of the glass models. A display panel and audio tour of the show explained the importance of conservation for the long-term preservation of these objects.