Dangerous liaisons

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Conference Paper


Blyth, Valerie; Battisson, Clair;


Conservation and Access: Contributions to the 2008 IIC Congress, London, p.0-0 (2008)


From the foundation of the South Kensington Museum to the Victoria and Albert Museum as it is called today, there has always been a desire to share and provide understanding of the beauty of the contemporary designed world. The Contemporary Programme engages with an extensive variety of objects and media, and encourages an inventive, risk-taking approach to presentation. The unusual materials contemporary artists may wish to use and their possible impact on the museum collections is of great concern, particularly those prone to insect attack. Discussions and negotiations among curators, artists, designers and conservation staff are of paramount importance. Problem solving and risk management involve a broad understanding of collection care issues focusing on integrated pest management, and conservation science and preventive conservation roles. As projects are often made challenging by object types, materials, deadlines and budgets, the aim is to make best practice both acceptable and manageable.