Forbes Prize Lecture

In 1958 a Forbes Prize Fund had been set up at the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, to which financial contributions were made in recognition of Edward W. Forbes's services to conservation. The fund was to be administered by IIC to provide some kind of prize for outstanding work in the field of conservation. It was agreed in 1960 that the accumulated funds should be awarded in the form of a fee for a Forbes Lecture at the Rome Conference, and that Harold Plenderleith would be a suitable recipient.
A Forbes Lecture has been given at each subsequent IIC Congress; the list of recipients is given below. We are in the process of digitising some of these lectures so they can be put online. Those that are currently available appear as a blue link in the list below.

  • Carol Mancusi-Ungaro (Los Angeles, 2016)
  • Dr. Jixiang Shan (單霽翔博士) (Hong Kong, 2014)
  • Manfred Koller (Vienna 2012)
  • David Lowenthal (Istanbul, 2010)
  • David Bomford (London 2008)
  • Gaël de Guichen (Munich 2006)
  • Andreas Burmester (Bilbao 2004)
  • Elizabeth West FitzHugh (Baltimore 2002)
  • Sarah Staniforth (Melbourne 2000)
  • Ashok Roy (Dublin 1998)
  • W. Andrew Oddy (Copenhagen 1996)
  • H. W. M. Hodges (Ottawa 1994)
  • A. E. Werner (Madrid 1992)
  • Robert L. Feller (Brussels 1990)
  • Kazuo Yamasaki (Kyoto 1988)
  • Giorgio Torraca (Bologna 1986)
  • John S Mills (Paris 1984)
  • E. T. Hall (Washington 1982)
  • Lawrence Majewski (Vienna 1980)
  • Caroline Keck (Oxford 1978)
  • Lars Barkmann (Stockholm 1975)
  • Helmut Ruhemann (Lisbon 1972)
  • Arthur van Schendel (New York 1970)
  • Rutherford J. Gettens (London 1967)
  • Paul Coremans (Delft 1964)
  • Harold Plenderleith (Rome 1961)