The study of costume in painting

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Journal Article


Pearce, Stella Mary;


Studies in conservation, Volume 4, Number 4, p.127-139 (1959)


Botticelli (Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi) (1444/45-1510), Caravaggio, cassone, costumes, Gainsborough, hudson, Jacopo (1519-94), Lorenzo (ca. 1480-1556), Lotto, Master of Housebook (1475-1490), Michelangelo Merisi da (1573-1610), paintings, Peter Paul (1577-1640), Rubens, study, Tintoretto, vanderbank


There are three sources for the study of costume in the past: surviving clothes, literature, and works of art. Reasons are given for favouring the third. The study of costume can be used to date pictures, to investigate forgeries and later restorations, and to describe to restorers the construction of clothes in damaged pictures. Garry Thomson