News in Conservation, June 2011

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News in Conservation, International Institute for Historic and Artistic Works, Volume 24, London (2011)


In this issue, Shadi Khalil shares with us the complexities of his conservation work on the beautifully intricate polychrome Ottoman ‘ajamī interiors in Damascus. The aim of the decorative interiors was to create the effect of complex carpet designs; and to achieve the required variety of colours and textures, a range of materials and pigments was used. These have deteriorated in different ways and also react differently to cleaning and consolidation. To add to this complexity, a number of the decorative interiors have been added to, overpainted and have had past treatments.
From the colourful to the monochrome - Ashley Lingle and Victoria Singleton describe their application of conservation principles to a polar bear that had previously been treated using taxidermy approaches to restoration. The bear had clearly had a tough life and had suffered a number of losses. The bear is now clean, intact ready for display.
This issue also contains an interview with Anna Somers Cocks, the first recipient of IIC's new Advocate Award, which is given in recognition of those who use their influence, resources and talents to support the efforts of heritage preservation.