News in Conservation, April 2011

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News in Conservation, International Institute for Historic and Artistic Works, Volume 23, London (2011)


In this issue, we join Emma Hocker in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the raising of the 17th century Swedish warship Vasa from Stockholm Harbour. Emma describes the pioneering work done since the Vasa was raised and which is likely to continue well into the future. She notes also the tension between preservation and access which is a familiar issue for many conservators.
Christos Karydis describes a preservation project centred on a monastic textiles collection in Mount Athos, in Greece. As well as the practical matters of improving storage, remedial conservation and documentation of the collection, Dr Karydis discusses the importance of the relationship between the physical objects and their spiritual context. This is particularly important for training the monks in the ongoing care of their collections.
From Brazil we hear about the rescue of an important Masonic collection, just in time, as a considerable number of documents and books had already been packed into rubbish bags for disposal.
IIC News has information about the latest Dialogue, Under Lock and Key?, the Gabo Trust, IIC Travelling Scholarship, and the IIC AGM.