News in Conservation, February 2011

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News in Conservation, International Institute for Historic and Artistic Works, Volume 22, London (2011)


In this issue, Neil Rushton and Peter Aiers describe the work of UK's Churches Conservation Trust (CCT). The CCT's estate includes over 340 Anglican churches, which are no longer needed for regular worship. The Trust aims to preserve these churches and, at the same time, repurpose them in ways that maintain their position at the centre of community activity. Rushton and Aiers describe a number of projects that have successfully achieved these aims, including one the preservation of a church in Bristol that is now the headquarters for a circus school.
Again from Turkey, we have an interview with Dr Nazan Ölçer, Director of Sabancı University‚ Sakıp Sabancı Museum. The impact Dr Ölçer has had over her career is evidenced by the number of national and international awards she has won over her career.