News in Conservation, December 2010

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News in Conservation, International Institute for Historic and Artistic Works, Volume 21, London (2010)


In this issue, Lynn Campbell from Christchurch Art Gallery discusses issues and lessons learnt following New Zealand September's earthquake. In the NiC Interview, Mark Aronson spoke to Kathleen Foster and Mark Tucker about the conservation of one of the USA's most iconic artworks, The Gross Clinic. Earlier images of the work were used to inform the decisions taken in formulating the treatment approach.
Also in this issue Dr Serda Kantarcıoǧlu and Mustafa Doǧan Dikmen describe a project to recreate, document and record the Ottoman Classical music of Topkapı Palace. In another case of drawing on earlier images, the project is studying Ottoman miniatures to build a more complete picture of the instruments and performances, a case of the tangible aiding in the revitalisation of the intangible.
In addition, María Barajas Rocha describes the discovery, recovery, examination and early treatment of the largest Aztec painted monument to be discovered in Mexico. The massive stone relief had retained its surface colours, despite having been buried and saturated.