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Discovering the invisible art of Basquiat

Details of the Jean-Michel Basquiat painting (Untitled, 1981). (Left) Arrow 1 visible when viewed using UV radiation. (Right) Arrow 1 invisible when viewed using visible light. Copyright Longevity Art Preservation. 

Emily MacDonald-Korth interviewed by Sharra Grow

Emily MacDonald-Korth, president and chief conservator-analyst at Longevity Art Preservation (based in Miami, Florida, USA) recently discovered previously hidden elements on an important Jean-Michel Basquiat painting. Through a Q&A with editor Sharra Grow, Emily tells NiC readers the whole story.

Q: How did you discover the hidden elements in Basquiat’s painting? Tell us the story of how it happened.

ASOR CHI: Documenting, Protecting, and Preserving Cultural Heritage

A photograph of the heavily damaged al-Ma’ara Museum taken by local partners (photograph provided by The Day After - Heritage Protection Initiative; June 2015)

By Marina Gabriel

ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives is an international, collaborative effort founded to respond to the destruction of cultural heritage in Syria, Iraq, and Libya. Since 2014, ASOR CHI has produced over 2,000 reports on the cultural situation, inventoried 16,000 sites, conducted 13,000 satellite assessments, and compiled 17,000 archived media entries on cultural heritage incidents and assets.

APOYOnline - 30 years Building Bridges and Pathways

APOYOnline Mission: Build Bridges. Image courtesy of APOYOnline.

By Beatriz Haspo and Amparo Rueda

In 2019 we are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Association for Heritage Preservation of the Americas, APOYOnline (formerly APOYO). Our organization has grown from a handful of visionary volunteers to a formidable entity that unites thousands of professionals.

Linked Conservation Data Project

Linked Conservation Data is a new project funded by the UK’s Arts & Humanities Research Council on **Conservation Documentation**. It establishes a Network to improve the dissemination of conservation records and increase the capacity of the profession for sharing observations and learning from each other's practice. We welcome participation from individuals engaged in the conservation and preservation of cultural heritage in all Network activities including webinars, workshops, and calls. All activities will be open.

## Dates for your calendar

3 May 2019

Reflections on the 2018 IIC Congress in Turin

Image of Gaël de Guichen. Courtesy of the author

By Gaël de Guichen


In the 1980s, when the term “preventive conservation” started to be used more widely, for a large majority of professionals preventive conservation focused mainly on light and climate control, as illustrated by Garry Thomson’s book The Museum Environment.

Taihe Forum on Protecting the World’s Ancient Civilisations

Austin Nevin and Song Jirong at the Taihe Forum, Palace Museum, Beijing. Image courtesy of Austin Nevin

Review by Austin Nevin

From 16-18 September 2018 the Palace Museum in Beijing hosted the third annual Taihe Forum on Protecting the World's Ancient Civilisations, bringing together experts and scholars from China, Egypt, India, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Italy, Germany Greece, Lebanon, Mexico and Syria. The three-day forum was co-organised by the Museum, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

APOYOnline: Managing Emergencies in Cultural Heritage

Group photo of conference participants at the APOYOnline 2018 Conference in Antigua, Guatemala. Image courtesy of APOYOnline

Review by Rosanna Kuon

APOYOnline - Association for Heritage Preservation of the Americas, is a non-profit organization that promotes professional development in the field of heritage preservation in Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries and cultures in the Americas. APOYOnline organized the 2nd Regional Conference and Workshops on Heritage Preservation, held in Antigua, Guatemala, from October 2nd to 5th in 2018 (the 1st Regional Conference was held in Medellin, Colombia).

My Perspective on the IIC 2018 Turin Congress as a Student in Preventive Conservation

Michael Henry (University of Pennsylvania), Melissa King (WUDPAC), and Dr. Joelle Wickens (Winterthur/University of Delaware) at the congress banquet dinner. (Image taken by Jenifer Bosworth).

By Melissa King

Thanks in part to the generous award from the Brommelle Memorial Fund, I was able to travel to Turin, Italy in early September to attend the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC) 27th Biennial Congress—my first international conference. Having studied in Italy as an undergraduate student, I was elated to return to the country and embrace the culture, the arts, the language, and especially the food.


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