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American Institutions partner conservation training in Iraq

The Walters Art Museum, Winterthur Museum and Country Estate, and the Department of Art Conservation at the University of Delaware have joined in a partnership to further the mission of the Iraq Cultural Heritage Project (ICHP). ICHP, launched in October 2008, with grant funding from the US Embassy in Iraq, is a two year undertaking implemented by International Relief and Development (IRD).

ICOM-CC conservation terminology in Spanish

ICOM-CC's newly defined conservation terminology (News in Conservation 11, April 2009) is now also available in Spanish.

The ICOM Conservation Committee voted in favour of a new terminology to characterise the conservation of tangible cultural property at its 2008 New Delhi conference. This has been defined in English and French and Spanish.

10 Apr 2009

In the news again

IIC President Jerry Podany spoke last Sunday on the BBC Radio 4 program The World this Weekend about the closure of the UK Textile Conservation Centre. The closure of the centre has recently hit the headlines in the wider media, including features on the BBC and in the Times. Jerry Podany spoke out about the closure condemning it as ‘a betrayal of trust’.

IIC climate change initiative in the news

The New York Times has recently reported on climate change and conservators, making reference to the IIC initiative Dialogues for the new century: climate change and museum collections. In a feature, published on the 3rd April, the article quotes Sarah Staniforth, who moderated the panel during the event, as well as its chief organiser and conceiver, IIC President Jerry Podany.

2 Apr 2009

Abruzzo earthquake hits heritage

It has been reported that as well as the loss of more than 250 lives, the recent earthquake in L'Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy (6th April) has caused serious damage to historical monuments and ancient churches in the city.

5 Apr 2009

Getty to return Roman fresco to Italy in May 2009

The J. Paul Getty Museum has announced today that it will return to Italy a Roman fresco fragment dating to the third quarter of the 1st century B.C. The piece of wall painting, featuring a landscape scene, entered the Museum's collection in 1996.

Earthquake hits central Italy

The central Italian university town of L'Aquila was hit overnight by a powerful earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale. More than 90 people have been confirmed dead with the death toll expected to rise as rescue operations continue.

L'Aquila, some 60 miles north east of Rome, has many fine historical buildings. A civil protection official has said that 3,000 to 10,000 buildings in the city appear to have been damaged, among them churches and a bell tower which has apparently collapsed.

50th anniversary of Nubia campaign

UNESCO, Egypt and Sudan have begun commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Nubia Campaign, a defining example of international solidarity in preservation.

The Egyptian and Sudanese governments requested in April and October 1959 respectively for UNESCO's help to save the 3,000-year-old monuments of ancient Nubia from an area to be flooded by the Aswan Dam. It marked the start of a truly remarkable campaign.

Rome and Ostia receive €37 million for urgent conservation

Guido Bertolaso, the man who sorted out Naples' most recent rubbish crisis, has been appointed special commissioner to oversee urgent work at archaeological sites in Rome and Ostia. The Italian government has pledged €37 million to the project for restoring monuments currently closed to the public on the Palatine hill, in the Forum and at the ancient port of Ostia.

AIC vote abandons certification program for conservators

The American Insitute of Conservation (AIC) Board of Directors has announced the result of its member vote regarding a certification program for conservators. 73% of eligible voters cast a vote and of these, 58.6% were opposed to a certification program while 41.4% were in favour. The AIC has announced that it will now cease work on developing a certification program for the forseeable future in response to the outcome.


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