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Comparative Plant Fiber database to go online

Ohio State University is looking to provide ethnobotanists, archaeologists and analysts with a new way to identify fibres found in prehistoric artefacts. Through a grant from the US National Center for Preservation Training and Technology, the university is creating an online database containing digital images of plant fibres.

Historic cathedrals lose conservation funds

The Daily Telegraph has reported that cuts to English Heritage's budget will remove £3 million a year from the conservation of England's cathedrals. The UK Government-funded body will cease its Cathedral Grants Scheme at the end of this year.

Conservation wiki launched

AIC has announced the launch of a new collaborative wiki website, based on the specialty group Catalogs. The site,, was made possible by a grant from the US National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT). The Catalogs are reference manuals that include descriptions of materials and techniques used to preserve and treat works of art and historic artifacts.

Conservation DistList running again

The conservation DistList is now posting again. The first new listing was mailed on Friday 18 September. The administrators have announced that DistList procedures are currently in a transitional state, but that, with the exception of some new addresses, the procedures will not differ greatly from before.

17 Sep 2009

Become an IIC Fan on Facebook!

Membership of IIC's Facebook page has ballooned to over 230 during the past week since its inception. The Facebook page provides fans of IIC a chance to chat, review, note upcoming events, as well as share news and links. The page is available to Facebook members once they log in and can be found at:

Shakespeare church in need of urgent repair

The church in Stratford Upon Avon where William Shakespeare is buried is fundraising for urgent repairs. Shakespeare's tomb is at risk of damage from rotten timbers in the roof above it. Since 2002 nearly £1m has been spent restoring Shakespeare's Church, starting with the tower and spire. However, recent work has revealed that the situation is more serious than previously thought. The church is trying to raise a further £50,000 to tackle this problem.


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